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 american river assessment + restoration  

River Processes and Restoration Course   //  Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies  //  Fall 2014


The Lower American River (LAR) corridor provides important habitat for resident and migratory fish and wildlife species, a high-quality water source for the local community and the region, a critical floodway for the Sacramento area and a spectacular regional recreation parkway. The beneficial uses of the LAR –particularly its support of fish and wildlife resources—have suffered as a result of historical modifications to the American River watershed and the physical and operational constraints currently imposed on the river.


The goal of our project is to:


• Assess the LAR based on the past, present and projected future

conditions of the river reach from Discovery Park to Paradise



• Understand the multi-purpose functions the LAR serves and the

dynamic interactions between human, wildlife, vegetation and

urban infrastructure.


• Identify the challenges faced by channelizing and altering the

American River.


• Suggest potential management strategies to compensate for

changes to the river system, allow recreation, provide flood

control protection of the surrounding metropolitan area and

maintain the natural resources of the river corridor.




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