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Our world is changing to become increasingly connected through transportation, energy, communication and environmental systems. Yet with this connectivity more barriers than ever before seem to exist. These barriers between race, social class, nationalities, gender and more feel like walls that separate us but are in reality made of immaterial things – as insubstantial as wire and air.

The wires that make up REVOLUTION are a reflection of this global connectivity which at first appear to create boundaries that separate us.  Yet, though a series of calculated rotations of the wires, opening are created and spaces of human interaction are possible. The tension of each string across the wooden frame furthermore create sound when plucked - providing opportunities for music through mutual collaboration and camaraderie.

2016-09-10 13.19.37
2016-09-10 14.15.23
2016-09-22_Revolution Beer Share Page 001
2016-09-22_Revolution Beer Share Page 002
2016-09-22_Revolution Beer Share Page 004
2016-09-11 14.41.56
2016-09-10 12.39.52
2016-09-10 12.32.07

2016 Seattle Design Festival  //  Seattle, WA  //  December 2016 - September 2016


In Collaboration with: Matthew Fisher, Sarah Smith


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