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  life screen  

A Vision for Coney Island  //  Coney Island, New York City  //  Spring 2013


Critic: Edward Mitchell // With: KJ Lee and Aisha Pasha


Life Screen, pronounced “Life’s Green” is a proposal for a new coastal-resilient Coney Island that “screens” out the bad while keeping in the good.


The amusement rides and beaches that are the trademark of Coney Island remain to serve as structure for algal biofuel production as well as infrastructure for a new type of entertainment - thermal pools powered by the energy generated from the algae.


5,000 new residential units allow existing residential units to be repurposed into bioretention basins to filter Coney Island’s wastewater and supply potable water.


Constructed wetlands on the creek side of the island serve as not only green infrastructure, but as a new type of park for residents and visitors to enjoy.

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