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GRO: Greywater Reuse with Organics  

The exclusive use of potable water in the household (including processes such as toilet flushing, showering and hand washing), wastes both the supply of clean water and the energy involved in the purification process. Non-potable water can be reused in the house to help reduce water waste and the associated resources used for its purification. Bathroom use accounts for an astonishing 60% of household water use.  


GRO is an invention that collects water used during showering and hand washing and uses it to grow vegetables for food.  Furthermore, GRO collects urine which is filtered by the vegetables to reduce any undesirable odors.  Not only does this significantly reduce water wasted from toilet flushing but it also provides ideal fertilizer for the vegetables to grow. The filtered water from the GRO system will be collected and used for flushing black water from the toilet. 


Instead of having water come in separately from showers, faucets and toilets, GRO consolidates the system so that the only water that leaves the system is black water from toilet flushing. 

Research and Design Project  //   Fall 2011


Green Engineering and Sustainable Design


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